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Digital Photography

This informal group is to share and talk about photographs that we have taken on a subject chosen each month.

July 2022

The subject is "Doors and Doorways".

You must email your entries to "" before Friday 15th July..

We will have a Zoom viewing and discussion at 7:30pm on Wednesday 20th June..

The Zoom invitation will be sent to all those who submit photographs and to other members who email a request to the address above.

After the meeting, the photos will be posted on this page.

Provisional subjects for future months:
August: "Clothes"

Past months' entries

Note that copyright remains with the photographer and unauthorised copying is forbidden.

Click on an image to see the other photographs on that subject.

June 2022: Birds
May 2022: Leading Lines
March 2022: Trees
February 2022: Statues
January 2022: Reflections
December 2021: Wildlife
November 2021: Water
October 2021: Action
September 2021: People
August 2021: Summer
July 2021: Close-up
June 2021: Transport
April 2021: Spring
March 2021: Mountains
February 2021: Architecture
January 2021: Rivers
December 2020: Winter
November 2020: Autumn