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March 2022 - 'Trees' | June 2022 - 'Birds'

Digital Photography: May 2022 - 'Leading Lines'

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Note that copyright remains with the photographer and unauthorised copying is forbidden.

Geoff Macro:

Geoff Macro 1
NZ: Butler Swing Bridge
Geoff Macro 2
New Zealand: Lake Matherson
Geoff Macro 3
New Zealand: Lake Matherson

Shirley Macro:

Shirley Macro 1
New Zealand: Lyttelton, Christchurch
Shirley Macro 2
Australia: Mary Cairncross Reserve
Shirley Macro 3
NZ: Whengarie Falls

Brigitte Whiteing:

Brigitte Whiteing 1
Japan: Tokyo
Brigitte Whiteing 2
Brigitte Whiteing 3
Kuala Lampur: Twin towers
Brigitte Whiteing 4
Leaf pattern
Brigitte Whiteing 5
France: Lyon
Brigitte Whiteing 6
Brigitte Whiteing 7
Kuala Lampur: Twin towers

David Whiteing:

David Whiteing 1
David Whiteing 2
David Whiteing 3
David Whiteing 4
David Whiteing 5
David Whiteing 6

Gordon Davies:

Gordon Davies 1
Gordon Davies 2
Footbridge, Mundon

Nicki Iszard:

Nicki Iszard 1
Nicki Iszard 2

Malcolm Case:

Malcolm Case 1
Maldon Quay
Malcolm Case 2
Highclere Castle
Malcolm Case 3
Antarctica: Lemaire channel
Malcolm Case 4
Portugal: Lock bollard
Malcolm Case 5
Greenwich: Queens House

Alec Fraser:

Alec Fraser 1
Alec Fraser 2
Bluebell path
Alec Fraser 3
Child in rock garden

Andrew Simmonds:

Andrew Simmonds 1

Tony Groves:

Tony Groves 1
Northumberland: Alnwick Castle gardens
Tony Groves 2
Iceland: Blue Lagoon entrance path
Tony Groves 3
USA: Bryce Canyon
Tony Groves 4
USA: Canyonlands
Tony Groves 5
Italy: Ischia
Tony Groves 6
USA: Where four states meet
Tony Groves 7
Severn Valley Railway
Tony Groves 8
Yorkshire Dales
Tony Groves 9
Tony Groves 10
Training managers for ISO9001 accreditation
Tony Groves 11
Montreal: Expo 67
Tony Groves 12
Wells cathederal