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October 2021 - 'Action' |

Digital Photography: November 2021 - 'Water'

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Note that copyright remains with the photographer and unauthorised copying is forbidden.

Peter Hughes:

Peter Hughes 1
Netherlands: Delft
Peter Hughes 2
Saunton Sands
Peter Hughes 3
Saunton Sands
Peter Hughes 4
Greece: Athens
Peter Hughes 5
Near Tollesbury

Geoff Macro:

Geoff Macro 1
Mamoth Terrace Yellowstone USA
Geoff Macro 2
Mamoth Terrace Yellowstone USA
Geoff Macro 3
Sheer Rocks Antiga

Shirley Macro:

Shirley Macro 1
Yellowstone river, USA
Shirley Macro 2
Yellowstone USA
Shirley Macro 3
Yelowsone USA Geyser

Brigitte Whiteing:

Brigitte Whiteing 1
Brigitte Whiteing 2
Chile: Atacama
Brigitte Whiteing 3
Bolivia: Lake Titica
Brigitte Whiteing 4
Japan: Miyajima
Brigitte Whiteing 5
Ethiopia: The Blue Nile falls
Brigitte Whiteing 6
Colombia: Medellin

David Whiteing:

David Whiteing 1
David Whiteing 2
David Whiteing 3
David Whiteing 4
David Whiteing 5

Carol Bates:

Carol Bates 1
Brighton beach
Carol Bates 2
New Zealand
Carol Bates 3
Carol Bates 4
Carol Bates 5

Nicki Iszard:

Nicki Iszard 1
Essex: Marks Hall
Nicki Iszard 2
Cinnamon du Vali, Maldives
Nicki Iszard 3
Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Nicki Iszard 4
Essex: Paper Mill Lock in flood
Nicki Iszard 5
Spain: Picos de Europa

Malcolm Case:

Malcolm Case 1
Bellagio's Fountain Show
Malcolm Case 2
Bellagio's Fountain Show
Malcolm Case 3
Malcolm Case 4
Canada: Glacier
Malcolm Case 5
Malcolm Case 6
French Canal at Sunset
Malcolm Case 7
Ship Iced in, Cape Breton Island
Malcolm Case 8
Victoria Falls

Andrew Simmonds:

Andrew Simmonds 1
Essex: Ford at Nounsley
Andrew Simmonds 2
Andrew Simmonds 3
Washing the dog

Tony Groves:

Tony Groves 1
Iceland: Gulfoss falls
Tony Groves 2
Danbury: Eves Corner
Tony Groves 3
Tony Groves 4
Tony Groves 5
Tony Groves 6
Tony Groves 7
Tony Groves 8
Tony Groves 9