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September 2021 - 'People' | November 2021 - 'Water'

Digital Photography: October 2021 - 'Action'

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Note that copyright remains with the photographer and unauthorised copying is forbidden.

Geoff Macro:

Geoff Macro 1
Our Chairman in action
Geoff Macro 2
USA: Florida Keys fishing
Geoff Macro 3
Hang onto your hat!

Shirley Macro:

Shirley Macro 1
Maldon: Police
Shirley Macro 2
Olympic torch in Maldon
Shirley Macro 3
Sports day

Brigitte Whiteing:

Brigitte Whiteing 1
Bhutan: Dancers in Jakar
Brigitte Whiteing 2
China: Dancing in the desert
Brigitte Whiteing 3
Mali: Dogon Masked Dancers
Brigitte Whiteing 4
Bhutan: Road making
Brigitte Whiteing 5
Peru: Musicians at a festival
Brigitte Whiteing 6
Chile: Rodeo

David Whiteing:

David Whiteing 1
David Whiteing 2
David Whiteing 3
David Whiteing 4
David Whiteing 5

Carol Bates:

Carol Bates 1
Dave Weir at 2012 Olympics
Carol Bates 2
Maldon barge
Carol Bates 3
Oscar Pistorius at 2012 Olympics
Carol Bates 4
Surfing in Wales

Nicki Iszard:

Nicki Iszard 1
Blue tit on a mission
Nicki Iszard 2
Eurasian Eagle Owl in flight
Nicki Iszard 3
Nicki Iszard 4
Grandson in action on the track at Maldon promenade
Nicki Iszard 5
Air ambulance taking off

Malcolm Case:

Malcolm Case 1
About to break his arm!
Malcolm Case 2
Gipsy Moth IV
Malcolm Case 3
RAC Rally Wales
Malcolm Case 4
RAC Rally Wales
Malcolm Case 5
Silverstone Saloon Car Racing
Malcolm Case 6
We are Sailing

Alec Fraser:

Alec Fraser 1
Barging under Tower Bridge
Alec Fraser 2
Blackbird Tossing Back a Pink Berry
Alec Fraser 3
Child and Sprinkler
Alec Fraser 4
Cobra at Paddock Hill Bend
Alec Fraser 5
Forging chain links
Alec Fraser 6
Alec Fraser 7
Red Arrows
Alec Fraser 8
Who's a pretty person then?

Andrew Simmonds:

Andrew Simmonds 1
Andrew Simmonds 2
Andrew Simmonds 3

Tony Groves:

Tony Groves 1
Outdoor table-tennis
Tony Groves 2
Garden Croquet
Tony Groves 3
Grandson with colouring-in book
Tony Groves 4
Kite launch
Tony Groves 5
USA: Evening Rodeo