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June 2021 - 'Transport' | August 2021 - 'Summer'

Digital Photography: July 2021 - 'Close-up'

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Note that copyright remains with the photographer and unauthorised copying is forbidden.

Geoff Macro:

Geoff Macro 1
Geoff Macro 2
Geoff Macro 3

Shirley Macro:

Shirley Macro 1
Shirley Macro 2
Shirley Macro 3

Brigitte Whiteing:

Brigitte Whiteing 1
Kashgar, China: Door detail
Brigitte Whiteing 2
Kamakura, Japan: Hands of the Budha
Brigitte Whiteing 3
Namibia: Himba mother and child
Brigitte Whiteing 4
Madagascar: Lemurs
Brigitte Whiteing 5
Umbud, Bali: Palace door handles

David Whiteing:

David Whiteing 1
David Whiteing 2
David Whiteing 3
David Whiteing 4
David Whiteing 5

Carol Bates:

Carol Bates 1
Carol Bates 2
Carol Bates 3

Michael Manning:

Michael Manning 1
Corsage Orchid
Michael Manning 2
Eye of the Chameleon
Michael Manning 3
Iraqi Belt Buckle
Michael Manning 4
Stainless Steel Turbine Blade
Michael Manning 5
Tail of the Chameleon

Andrew Simmonds:

Andrew Simmonds 1
Andrew Simmonds 2
Andrew Simmonds 3
Sweet William
Andrew Simmonds 4
Flower basket
Andrew Simmonds 5
Andrew Simmonds 6

Nicki Iszard:

Nicki Iszard 1
Nicki Iszard 2
Damsel fly
Nicki Iszard 3
Red Kite

Malcolm Case:

Malcolm Case 1
Botswana: Lion
Malcolm Case 2
HMS Queen Elizabeth
Malcolm Case 3
Malcolm Case 4
Malcolm Case 5

Alec Fraser:

Alec Fraser 1
Hoverfly on Fennel Flower
Alec Fraser 2
Mullein moth caterpillar
Alec Fraser 3
Baby Thrush pre- flight checks
Alec Fraser 4
Small Heath Butterfly
Alec Fraser 5
Migrant Hawker
Alec Fraser 6
My husband is tied up at the moment
Alec Fraser 7
Dahlia with bee
Alec Fraser 8
European Hornet attacks Bee
Alec Fraser 9
European Hornet removing Bee's head

Tony Groves:

Tony Groves 1
Ischia: Foot of the cliff
Tony Groves 2
USA: near Yellowstone national park
Tony Groves 3
Honiton Lace flower
Tony Groves 4
Border Fine Arts
Tony Groves 5
I'm interested