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How to use Zoom

Zoom is a free simple-to-use video conferencing application which can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone. This page explains how to set it up and get the best experience from it.

If you use a desktop computer, you will need to connect a microphone if you wish to speak and a webcam if you want to be seen. Both of these are inexpensive and widely available from PC World or Amazon etc.

Downloading Zoom

To participate in a Zoom event which is hosted by someone else is very easy. Normally, they will send you an email with a link. When you click on this link, it should open your browser and, if this is the first time that you have used Zoom, it will ask permission to download a small application program. It will then open the application and you are ready to join the meeting.

However, it is sometimes better to download the application yourself beforehand. To do this:

On an Android phone/tablet, or an iPhone/iPad, go to the App store and search for "Zoom cloud meetings" and download the app from Zoom.

On a Windows PC (desktop or laptop): Go to the Zoom website, then hover over "Resources" at the top right, then click on "Download Zoom Client" on the drop-down menu.

On the next screen, under the heading "Zoom Client for Meetings", click on the "Download" button.

Connecting your device to a TV

When watching a talk via Zoom, it may be more comfortable to view it on your television. A TV has several HDMI sockets and you can purchase a lead which will connect your device to one of these.
First check that there is an unused socket on the back or side of your TV.

A laptop PC is almost certain to have an standard size HDMI socket. You can buy an HDMI lead in various lengths up to 5 metres, so buy one that is long enough to enable you to position the PC conveniently, especially if you wish to use its keyboard or microphone.

For an iPhone or iPad, you also need to purchase a Lightning to HDMI adaptor.

For an Android phone or tablet, you will also need to purchase an suitable adaptor. Older models may use a micro-USB socket, newer models may have a USB-C socket.